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CompTIA PenTest+ is a certification for cybersecurity professionals tasked with penetration testing and vulnerability assessment and management. CompTIA PenTest+ is an intermediate-skills level cybersecurity certification that focuses on offensive skills through pen testing and vulnerability assessment. 

Successful candidates will have the following skills to: 

  • Plan and scope penetration tests 
  • Conduct passive reconnaissance 
  • Perform non-technical tests to gather information 
  • Conduct active reconnaissance 
  • Analyze vulnerabilities 
  • Penetrate networks 
  • Exploit host-based vulnerabilities 
  • Test applications 
  • Complete post-exploit tasks 
  • Analyze and report penetration test results 


Students taking this course should meet the following pre-requisites: 

• CompTIA A+ certification or equivalent experience 

• CompTIA N+ certification or equivalent experience 

• CompTIA Sec+ certification or equivalent experience 

• At least 1 year of experience supporting TCP/IP networks 

NB: Students will be contacted by a course advisor via email or call for interview pending approval.

Course Package

  • Elearning or course notes (CertMaster/ebook)
  • Video Lectures (instructor -led)
  • Practical ilab
  • Practice questions
  • Mock Exams
  • 2 Exams vouchers
  • Pass Questions (Over 1000)
  • Certificate of completion from both CompTIA and SCS-TECH UK
  • Job Offer/Internship


Students will be assessed on Trial Test, Mock exams and final CompTIA exams. 

The Final exams covers the following domains and topics: 

  • Planning and Scoping: Explain the importance of planning for an engagement 
  • Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification: Conduct information gathering using appropriate techniques and perform and analyze a vulnerability scan 
  • Attacks and Exploits: Compare and contrast social engineering attacks 
  • Penetration Testing Tools: Use NMAP to conduct information gathering exercises 
  • Reporting and Communication: Recommend mitigation strategies for discovered vulnerabilities 

Corse Duration: 6 – 8 Months

Course Price

The total cost of the course is £2,799.00

Students will be contacted by the course advisor via email or call for an interview pending approval.

For details or inquiries, contact the client support unit via Live chat or