Data Protection Officer (Services) DPO

The requirement to employ a Data Protection Officer under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) is paramount for businesses and hospitals to ensure and demonstrate compliance.

Study Cyber Security-Tech UK provides the role of DPO for organizations that require this service due to the mandatory legal requirements below or those who wish to demonstrate an enhanced level of UK GDPR compliance to the ICO and their business partners.

SCS-Tech UK is aware that this requirement has been causing members some concern, particularly for smaller organizations with limited resources. As there are limitations on who can carry out the role – such as it can never be the Chief Executive – this has left some of our members feel like they have no one internal who they can appoint.

SCS-Tech UK has negotiated packages of support at heavily discounted rates for Clients/Businesses who require it. As different businesses will have different needs, we recognize the importance of ensuring different options are available.

Internal DPO Advisory Service – package 1

For those who have appointed (or will appoint) their own internal DPO (i.e., either an existing member of staff or a new member of staff), we have negotiated an advisory service to provide to our clients at a 50% discount.

For no charge, we will arrange to speak with any interested DPO (either in person or over the phone) to discuss their specific requirements and propose a package of support and assistance.   The services on offer include:

  • One half-day refresher training session for staff per annum
  • One In-depth training session to key staff members
  • Quarterly updates in the form of a newsletter
  • Annual Review of Policies and Notices
  • Annual Data Protection compliance checks
  • Assistance with Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Telephone advice line for all data protection issues
  • Emergency out of hours contact in relation to breach issues
  • Investigation of data breaches

The cost of this service would be on a monthly retainer basis ranging from £50 – £300 (+VAT) per month – depending on the package of services selected.

For more details, or to arrange a meeting with us, please contact SCS-Tech UK:


Direct DPO Services – package 2 and 3

For those looking for an external firm to directly act as your DPO, we have negotiated the following options for Clients and businesses at greatly discounted rates:

Offer includes:

  • £320 per month (12-month retainer) (£3800 per year) plus VAT and travel costs
  • DPO on site for half a day (four hours) per month – 12 visits/48 hours a year – with the flexibility to reallocate time as appropriate/mutually agreed, e.g., if you ran to five hours one month you could use three the following month
  • 30 minutes of ‘free’ or inclusive telephone/email advice time per calendar month
  • £100 plus VAT charge an hour for anything over and above the 12 visits/48hours per year

For more information or assistance

If you wish to enquire about any more specific details around your DPO service’s needs, please contact the Technical Team by email: or call  +44 738 484 1487